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Our Mission

To create a trusted and powerful crypto ecosystem that will successfully introduce, capture and retain the fight fan community by offering them insight led innovative, immersive and engaging products, services and experiences.

To create a foundation that financially supports the disadvantaged through Martial Arts around the world.

This legendary game where Pokemon meets StreetFighter will be the first game from FightGame Studios. Players will manage a team of the ultimate fighters to victory against the Legendary Multiverses toughest opponents. Fighters will gain experience and level up unlocking their hidden potentials through acquiring skills and training during their fights to climb the ranks of the elite.
Explore the worlds of our multiverse, braving the portals which take you to the far out reaches where the toughest foes will test your Fighters strength. Each region of the world map is unique and the Player has to gain reputation in order to challenge the Boss to bring home all their earned rewards


The amount of support distributed so far

Lives changed

Supported charities

Integrated, value packed and innovative.



Bringing the best fighters all over the world and putting them into play-to-earn gaming.



Bringing martial arts to disadvantaged and impoverished people through a charity fund.



Marketplace of fighter NFT artwork made by select FightCoin digital artists.



Stake FightCoin with other cryptocurrencies to earn rewards.



Innovative virtual streaming events and products.



Swap one cryptocurrency for others.



Amount of tokens 555 000 000:

58.7% Token sale
0.72% Rewards

0.54% OGs
9.91% Team
9.91% Liquidity
9.91% Marketing
9.91% Ecosystem
0.4% R&D

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  • Token Sale
  • Rewards
  • OGs
  • Team
  • Liquidity
  • Marketing
  • Ecosystem
  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Liquidity and Exchanges
  • Operational


40% Marketing

40% Development

10% Liquidity and Exchanges

10% Operational

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How it works

Stage 1: Seed Sale
Stage 2: Private/Public Sale
Stage 3: Public Sale
Stage 4: PDO

Token Redistribution

  • Token holders
  • FightFund
  • liquidity
  • Marketing efforts
  • 4% we reward holders by redistributing 4% of every buy and sell order to token holders.

  • 2% we change the world we live in by redistributing 2% of every buy and sell order to FightFund causes.

  • 1% we strengthen the FightCoin market position by redistributing 1% of every buy and sell order into liquidity.

  • 1% we empower our future growth by redistributing 1% of every buy and sell order into our development and marketing efforts.

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FightCoin Road Map

Q2, 2021
Create FightCoin token
Company registration and legals
Private token sale
Secure partnerships

Sports For Everybody, WAKO Oceania and StreetPeace

Website V1
Begin Legends of the Fight Dev
Q3, 2021
First NFTs for sale
Alpha release of Legends of the Fight
Partnered with fighters

20+ UFC / PrideFC / OneFC fighters (past and present) and top tier combat sports athletes

Complete public sale
Go to market
Begin eSports FightGame development
Crypto virtual worlds / metaverses partnerships
Secure additional 10+ FightFund partnerships
Begin organising live event
More exchange listings
Q4, 2021
Host live event streamed into crypto virtual worlds
Begin dev of FightStream
Begin dev of FightBet
Begin dev of eSports FightGame
Begin development of FightFarm and FightSwap
List on Major exchanges
Partner with 100+ top-tier combat sports athletes
Secured a total of 30+ FightFund partnership
Q1, 2022
Host live event streamed into crypto virtual worlds
Release FightStream
Release FightBet
Continue dev of eSports FightGame, possible alpha testing
Release FightFarm and FightSwap
Continue further major exchange listing
Partner with 150+ top-tier combat sports athletes

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    The Team

    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    CEO: William Fagan
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    CTO: Anton harrison-Kern
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    CMO: Meagan Henderson
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Advisor: Dalton Grant Jnr
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Solidity Developer: Chidi Nkwocha.
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    GM FightFund: Francis McArdle
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Unity Dev: Daelan Longwood.
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Game Art: GeezFX
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Game Composer: Angus Sumner
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Damascus: Community management expert.
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Alchemist Chris: BDM, community management.
    Landing Ico #1 – OUR HOME
    Tristan Hazlewood: Crypto Alpha.

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